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    So a couple years ago I spent a lot of time on forum simply reading and gaining as much knowledge as possible. After a few months, I finally picked a niche and decided to promote some useless clickbank product. I spent quite a bit of money and time trying to develop the site and move up it the rankings. Long story short, I had little success (panda update came around the same time as well) and soon lost interest and gave up on the site as well as SEO all together. Well anyways my amibition to learn SEO and make money in it has come back and I would like to put myself in the best position to succeed before I begin on this long journey so I am turning to you guys for the answers to some of the questions I have. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated. Here are some of the basic questions that I have:

    1) I've noticed that google keyword tool has recentely been changed and doesn't appear to work quite the same as before. Is there a free alternative out there that can be just as effective? I've been looking at alternatives and thinking about signing up for wordtracker although is quite expensive. Anyone tried that out before?

    2) Years ago when I first started doing research on SEO and till this day, there has been the debate about blasting links directly to your money. Common sense tells me that this shouldn't be able to hurt a site in the rankings as you would be able to hurt your competitors rankings. However, I have experienced the "sandbox" before when I was directing a lot of links to a newer website and often the site would dissappear for weeks at a time and then return at a lower ranking. Has this myth been busted yet or is still open for debate?

    3) Because of the possibility of the sandbox (which I'm assuming still exists), I've decided it's most likely safer to build web 2.0 & social links pointing to my site and then blast those with a diversity of different links while building higher-quality links directly to my website. From what I've read, it extremely important to not leave "foot prints" with google. Ideally, these tier 1 (web 2.0 properties & social sites) would be built manually to ensure quality. My question is: Will it be ok to make all these tier 1 links from my computer all with the same IP or do I need to figure out a way to switch it up for every account? Also, once I build these tier 1 links, is it ok to make more posts on the same account or should I be making a new account for every new post/link I want to build. This is probably going to be the most important part/strategy of my linkbuilding so it's important for me to figure out the best way to go about it. I am in this for the long-term so the last thing I need is my sites being connected and losing all my link-juice & rankings at once.

    4) What is the best strategy for coming up with article content? I know unique articles are the best but obviously it this will get very expensive over time. I believe spun content is only useful if you're good enough to spend HOURS & HOURS on it to make the content completely read-able and extremely unique. However, I am not good enough at it do this nor do I believe I have the patience needed to have success in doing it. Therefore I am looking at alternative sources. One thing I have came across on this forum is the articlebuilder site. I was hoping someone could offer me some insight regarding this service & it's effectiveness: Is it a useful alternative to buying unique articles? Would the articles be ok to use on tier-1 sites or is it something I should use only on lower-level tiers?

    5) Build your own backlinks, buy other peoples services here on BHW, or a combination of both? I figure either way you could about link-building it is going to cost you money. If you want to build your own backlinks, your going to need to buy different software (which I have done in the past). Often times you need multiple softwares with some even requiring monthly subscriptions (ie senukex). From previous experience, building your own links this way costs both time and money ( software, subscriptions, proxies, etc). For someone who is fairly new to this, what is your advice for the best way to go about this?

    6) Last question, how important is it build "social sites" and "social signals" directly to your money-site? This it the area I have the least experience and knowledge in and unforuntately from what I've read it appears to be one of the most important factors in google eyes for ranking sites these days. Anyone know of any guide's or tutorials to learn this strategy and best implement it?

    Thank you once again for those who have taken the time to read. I know it is a long post and lots of different questions, that's why I am thankful to those who can offer insight on any of the above subjects I've mentioned. This time around I would like form an effective strategy for ranking rather then rushing right into it which is why it is important to me to have all of the knowledge and forumulate a plan from the beginning.
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    The keyword tool, keyword planner is even better spend some time to figure out why google have decided to change it.

    Tiered link building works, but for tier you should use 100% whitehat, manuall link building from websites with low OBL and Domain and Page Authority.

    Yes you can use 1 ip for your tier 1. Footprints is for what is visible from third parties. Google can see the IP of users who have posted on other sites. But if you use same nick or somethings else that might considered as footprint is not good.

    100% unique at least 500+ words and 2% keywords density. Or more. Dont forget images and videos embedde plus text formatting.
    Think smart. Outsource. Work smarter not harder. Tools are not good for links building. Manual is the way to go.

    It's important but not everything. So far all research prove they have value in rankings. But dont count on one thing to be best.
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    So does that mean for my 2.0 sites I should limit them to 1 post per account and then make a new account whenever I want to make another post? Also, I understand 100% unique articles are the best but what about for lower level tiers? I planned on maybe using something like article builder for them like I mentioned before because I feel like it would get to expensive trying to have a 100% unique article for those links.
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    There's never been any "debate" about this; it's always been a bad idea, and it still is. You should rethink the idea that you can ask these deep questions in a single post, advertise for some "experts" to show up and spoon feed every single thing you want to know, right here and right now, on your timetable. Only people that are going to post here and claim the "expert" qualification are of the self-appointed variety. I reacted to the 1st noteworthy thing I read. I'll continue to read more, but that's where I am right now. This isn't a "one & done" proposition. You'll need to put hours reading and engaging & interacting with individual members over the mid to long term. There ARE no "one size fits all" "experts" that I'm aware of, but rather a solid collection of highly specialized technicians that are more or less qualified in their particular niche, and more or less conversant in others. The more you want to learn, the more you'll have to work and the longer it's going to take. No shortcuts. Maybe that's why your 1st attempt didn't work out.
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    Penguin 2.0 made on-page SEO even more important than before. In a conversation between
    Matt Cutts and Danny Sullivan
    , Matt disclosed that Google does not hate SEO. In fact, Google
    loves SEO. They love SEO because they prefer a site which is well optimized, crawl -able and tidy
    than a site in SEO-mess. A well SEO'ed site shows the commitment of the webmaster to keep a
    high quality site. It also improves "user experience" that Google preaches.

    If you have not been doing on-page SEO, or dropped on-page SEO some time during the Google
    Zoo fear (rumors, rumors, rumors), it's time to pick it back up and keep it going. There is no
    wrong making your site clean, clear and tidy with SEO signals to please spiders and crawlers.
    Again, Google loves them!

    By Daniel

    The best way to deal with Google updates is to not deal with them at all. And the only way to do
    that is to change your mindset. Don't be someone that wants to "make money online". Be
    someone that builds a business that makes money online.

    If you have a great site/business/brand, you're not going to get hit by any updates.

    By Brian Dean

    Learn what metrics are important for determining profitable keywords with competition that
    you can tackle.

    Learn from trusted SEOs or your own experience. If you've been in the game long enough you'll
    know there is a common pattern that happens after almost every Google update. It happened
    with Panda and Penguin. As soon as these updates hit you'll see people saying things like, "link
    building is dead" or "this type of link doesn't work anymore".

    Most of the time when people say this it's. because they heard it from someone who claims to be
    an SEO guru and is just repeating what they heard. Take the time to study, test, and learn what
    really works and don't just take other marketers word for it. You might end up missing some
    valuable opportunities.

    By Devin Santos

    SEO always starts with what you put on page. If you want to rank for the long run you need high
    quality content that people want to read. Everyone loves to criticize Matt Cutts but he isn't lying
    when he says produce great content. Without great content your website conversions will be

    By Jacob Hagbreg
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    I also hate the new keyword planner.the analysis is different from the keyword tool's.Sandbox will always happen if you rush backlinks on a new domain
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    @OP your answers lies on the search box.