Some questions about making an authority site, ranking it

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    Hi all,
    This post will be quite long, and I apologize for the length in advance. I attempted to use meathead's method for Clickbank and I failed. I wasted over 15 hours which I could have put to better use. I know 15 hours isn't much, but what I'm doing really isn't working so I'll change it up.

    Anyway, I have a few questions, and I'd really appreciate it if someone could answer them, or give me a link to a BHW thread that could help me. I've used the search function a lot, but I haven't found an answer to all my questions.
    My main concern is not putting all my eggs into one basket. I already have many ebooks published on Azon and I'm earning very. very little from them. Any passive income is nice and I want to have 100 books published at some point, but I don't think it's wise to invest all my time into ebooks, right?

    I've always been scared at the thought of making an "authority site" because I have zero SEO knowledge and the two times I tried to make one, I wrote many articles myself and I didn't even earn enough to get an Adsense check... over a period of 8 YEARS.

    I believe one of the mistakes I made is that I purchased a domain name right away, and a bad one at that. Actually I purchased two domain names and they are still available today. I read many threads on BHW and I saw that kinlee always "test-drived" her niches and domains on blogspot. So I want to do the same thing.

    1. Is blogspot a good money site for starters? I read it ranks much faster than new domain names. Also, my old blogspot currently has Adsense on it, but I won't be using that blog.

    2. What exactly is a good keyword density per article, and should I focus on only one keyword per article? Should the keyword be long tail?
    I've read threads about this but they contradict themselves. Apparently over 2% or 3% is bad long-term for ranking.

    3. Is there a way to get rid of archives or the calendar on blogspot blogs? I've read these create duplicate content that doesn't get ranked as a result. I checked if it was true and on my old blogspot blog because of duplicate content it doesn't get ranked... but my content is 100% original and written by myself.

    4. How exactly can web 2.0 properties be used? I don't really understand tier 1 and 2 web properties and what the advantages are, and how to redirect the traffic to the main money site. Could someone please explain? I've read thread about it but I still don't understand.

    5. How many articles should an authority site have? Is 20 articles enough? How long should the articles be? Around 600 words? That's what I've read but I'm not sure.

    6. How can I find a niche that's at least a little bit profitable but quite easy to rank for? I have Market Samurai.

    7. What are the best 2.0 properties and how to put them to use?

    8. I have Scrapebox. How can I use it for my money site when I make one?

    Thank you very much for your help. Sorry for all the questions, I haven't found clear answers to them yet.
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    15 hours. Come on. I work 12 hours a day and it would be months to plan, strategise, execute a method. Then test the results as I go, tweak the method accordingly and then scale it.
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    15 hours? That's barely a day of work.

    I've been working 15 hour days for the last 5 years and I still do things that don't work on a daily basis. If you're giving up after 15 hours you may as well quit IM entirely (the method does work but not with 15 hours total work).
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    Do you understand what an authority site is?
    If you did then you wouldn't be asking those questions.
    An authority site might take years before it makes any real revenue and a minimum of 12 months before you even start to monetize it.
    An authority site is not a quick money maker, if you gave up meathead's thread after 15 hours, then I don't think you will have the stamina to create one.
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    I am going to answer your questions honestly. But understand this, you WILL FAIL, 100% gauranteed if you work on something for 15 hours. The minute you fail is the minute you give up. So with that being said, lets get to it.

    1: Blogspot is terrible. I mean it. When I first started, my goal was to create 100 bloggers since I had a few doing 50 dollars a month. Guess what happened? They were deleted for spam and I lost everything. Do not be an idiot, buy your own domain.

    2: I rarely aim for keyword density but around 1% is probably the most natural. Even under it is fine. Write for your visitors. If this is a long term site, just write for the people you want to see the content.


    4: I would not suggest doing web 2.0s at all for a LONG time. Do you think when CNN or, or techcrunch, or any of the other sites started off, they said, hey, we should build some web 2.0s! Of course not.

    5: Authority sites should never stop posting articles. You think 20 articles is enough? Hell, I wouldn't even consider that a niche site. The niche sites I currently do where I put in a little effort are 50-100 pages big. The few sites I am trying to turn into authorities (and are no where close may I add) are hundreds and hundreds of pages big, and growing daily.

    6: Write about what you know first. I HATE doing the dishes. Do you think it would be a good idea to write about dish cleaning?

    7: Do not even think about using web 2.0s or any link building before you hit 100k words on your site. Why? Because you probably will never get to 100k words in the first place and you would just be wasting your time.

    8: Scrapebox? The only think I would use it for if creating an authority site would be finding keywords and content, and finding places to guest post in the future.
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    Just to clarify, I've invested over 300 hours into another IM venture of mine, and yes, I was lucky enough to get results within 15 hours that first time. I've not made much, not even close to four figures, but a trickle of passive income is still coming almost daily (think cents, but it does matter when added up). It's 100% white hat too, but I feel uncomfortable investing all my time into one method.

    Also, like I said, I *have* used the search function on BHW extensively, but it doesn't mean I understand everything I read. That's a whole other issue. Maybe I'm not tech-minded enough, I don't know.

    My main issue right now is that I'm already with Amazon for my first IM venture, thus Amazon aff is out of the question. I opened an account, but I don't plan on using it.

    Basically, I'm looking for a "passive" method that could bring in some money. Even a few cents per day is fine for starters, but it must be reliable.
    My main issue with Clickbank is that they take a fee on dormant accounts, and don't pay before 2 different payment types have been used.

    What am I missing? See, I don't really get it, because on the one hand, I read duplicate content is fine for an affiliate website as long as you comment on other blogs (using Google like G alerts) and that you'll get sales that way.

    Also, can't I use Scrapebox for that type of work? I haven't managed to make it work properly yet, but is it okay (for Clickbank) if I just comment blast blogs with my affiliate website link? I wouldn't go overboard, but I don't see the point in doing it manually. Or maybe with an autofill plugin. I don't know.

    Should I treat an aff website like an MNS and invent a "persona" for the "owner" of the blog, write my own original articles and reviews? Like for clickbank, let's say I want to make an MNS about dogs, I'll promote several dog products and write about my own "fake" dogs in between aff posts.

    I'm really lost...