Some questions about link building

Discussion in 'Link Building' started by maximus___, Oct 3, 2011.

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    hi all,

    I have several questions;

    1) what is the optimum, easy, and hard balance of exact search / competition(allintitle). (reckon without other criterion)

    2) When (how long) will we start to get positive serp results for our link building activities. For example I completed a link pyramid before a week but I don't get any positive results on serp.

    3) I have a niche which exact search is 27.000 and competition(allintitle) is 90.000. Is this hard to get positive results on serp? (or medium or easy)

    thank you for your ansvers...
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    for 2nd question,

    It depends upon the crawling of the website where you built the links, usually it takes 5-15 days but in some cases this time interval also get more lengthy.

    for the 3rd one,
    Depends upon against whom you are competing but i would not mark it as easy.