Some question about selling rewritten articles.

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    Im considering doing some article rewrriting to make some money and have some questions, i submitted some time ago rewritten artciles to AC but i was not very happy with the results and im now considering selling them on dp but i have some doubts:

    -What price should i sell a 400-500 words rewritten copyscaped passed article?

    -Where could i sell my articles apart from dp?

    -Is this method to rewirte articles using SpinnerChief good?

    And the last one, is there any site worth it out there like AC that pays upfront for your articles?
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    Since you were submitting articles to AC, it seems that you have a low expectation of pay for your work. I'm not sure what the usual rate for upfront pay with AC is these days, but it shouldn't be hard for you to top it elsewhere.

    You're right in wanting to unload your articles on DP, and I say this for a couple of reasons:

    1. The people who tend to buy content there are generally sub-par webmasters who are looking for a cheap fix. They want good content for the least amount of money. So you could easily sell your articles for $3-5 a piece and no one would even blink.

    2. Typical DP content buyers have low base quality standards, so it doesn't take much to impress them. Your articles should read fairly well and have minimal (if any) errors. You also need to check your rewrites against CopyScape filters; as long as they pass, you can easily get away with selling them as unique content.

    Another selling tip is to make sure that you stress that you're a "native English speaker" with lots of experience. DPers specifically look for that declaration when searching for articles to buy.

    There are plenty of other webmaster forums on the Internet, but the marketplaces vary. For what you're wanting to do, I would highly recommend sticking with the DP crowd. I don't think you'll find another forum where the buyers are as receptive to your "unique articles" as you will there.
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