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Some Points to Get Attention of Users in App Store

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by webinaz, Apr 30, 2016.

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    If there is a tree that falls in forest but nobody knows about its sound. Can we say he has sound? If In previous part there was written and discussed about by using your website, through email and by using social media promotion of your app. In post, I have included various more marketing tools that you can add in your marketing strategies according to requirement. Remember, if nobody knows about your app then how this will come that people know about your app. I just want to set something in your mind. If you want that people care about your app then you have to proof them about its existence. Now i am giving some promotional ways that can proof that your app exist in this world and can provide great results.

    1- Mobile Ad Networks

    Mobile ad networks are one of the easiest and nice ways to prove that your app exists. You can introduce easily to targeted customers or audience. Mobile Ad Networks is a very nice pathway. The most important point here is that you can reach your message to your pointed customers or exact required users. There are different networks working and one most popular is Mobclix. What thing make attractive is? Your app message is reaching to exact customers under low budget. If there will reach in exact hands then there will come great results about the app. Two other famous networks are Apple?s iAd and AdMob.
    2- Incentive-Based Download Programs

    This incentive based download program make easy for customers to use other app free of cost. Now App store restricted to introduce incentive base downloads because people started to download these app for rewards but not try to use them. According to my sense this incentive base download is not a bad program. This will increase the visibility of app. Apple is punishing to good developers due to sins of bad people. Due to this reason Android are developed instead of iOS app. Incentive base download program is providing 0.15 to 0.60 dollars per install. This ratio will increase as users will increase. In this way you will not only increase the visibility of your app but you can also get a nice vendor behind this.

    3- App Review Sites:

    When you will submit your app for reviews you will get great exposure from your audience. These review websites have hundreds and thousands of customers who give their comments and reviews. If you will make easy so that they can catch your app then you can get more and more reviews. You can increase this by promotional codes to reviewers that will be necessary to download your app. You can also make easy if you provide all essential information regarding your app. You should include a clear and prominant description about your app so that users can reach them easily. You shall get review about your app that is polished and launched. You can attract more reviewers by presenting a video like on Youtube for describing clearly about your app and its functions.
    4. Press Relations / Media Mentions:

    If you like to create a buzz for your mobile app now you should follow the guideline I am giving you. You should send a nice press release through online Public relation distribution sites. This is a very attractive way to get knowledge and promotion about your app. Press relations or media mentions is a cheap process as compared to paid advertising. This is relatively most powerful strategy as compared to other described. Here you get a bright chance that other write about you or your app. You go for press release and give information to media about your new app with a hope that journalists or bloggers will add you in a story and tell about you or your app. This will help you as:
    a-- You Can Drive Traffic at Your Landing Page.

    b-- You Can Improve Your Landing Page SEO.

    C-- You Can Increase Your Rank in Search Results/Engines.

    How to write a press release is an art and first you should take help from PR News Wire for Android or iOS app. You can get here great work and experience. So press release requires a much more detail about your product in a special organized way. If you are succeeded to be mentioned in media then surely say thank to writer for long term relationship.
    5- Video

    A good video leaves long effects on the minds of users or customers.800 A good video will increase understanding power 100%.Providing and presenting a complete video will increase your app chance to be accepted and used at wide basis. You can get new customers. A video put life to your app in an organized way. A video can explain better about different features that are difficult for customers to understand in written form. For example if you want to get information about battery storage issue. You can get good information in the form of video about its storage capacity, charging level and other factors. Developers are giving less attention towards video. So you can get a real advantage by introducing about your app through a video.

    6- Free Cross-Promotion

    Cross-Promoting with Other Developers? Apps:

    You can think that users of another game can also use your game. You should take support from developers of that game so that they can introduce your app in the game. This will be an exchange promoting his game plus your app. Both will win. You can do addition of more developers for some more games about your app and can do your own mobile ad network. Must ensure that your cross promotion partner is giving quality product.

    Cross-Promotion Networks:

    For cross promotion network OpenFeint is best platform. Here developers are available according to your need and you can set plus promote your game. This platform has a reach of more than 115 millions players.

    Cross-Promoting Your Own Apps:

    If you want to launch more than one app, then you have to promote them through different channels. Remember, if your first app is liked then your second app will be awaited. If you know about more promotional techniques you can give me in comments.