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Dec 20, 2007
Okay, I talked with Po about this a bit ago, and I am finally getting around to posting it.

If you helped someone start a business and the 1st thing that they did was overdraft the bank account, BEFORE he has even finished paying for it, what would you do?

If you allowed them a little leeway, feeling generous, and they over stepped every chance that they got, what would you do.

I had to make a choice, risk all my clients or shut this guy down before he could do anymore damage.

I choose to accept my losses and close him down.

There are other things that he did that almost ruined my little enterprise I have going, so I had to let him go.

Yeah, no names listed here, yet, I don't want to have people think he's a scammer, just not very bright, as far as I am concerned. If he doesn't accept that he messed up than the grand outting will happen and you can all know. I am hoping this will be an educational experience for him, it was for me.

1. Explain more details on how it works, in more ways than one, and reiterate everything at least 5 times.
2. DO NOT be helpful in allowing things that you do not allow other people.

Did I take him for a ride, nope, he never did pay in full even, so that would be hard to do, lol.

Anyway, I got burned partially by myself, allowing things that I shouldn't have, and partially by this guy, not bothering to pay in full, follow instructions, and over extending what was allowed.
This thread confuses me. Strange title... What are you going to accomplish aside from a preemptive shit list post.

Also what's up with the numbers? it's all really vague
I know that if the guy comes in to rationalize the issues it will turn in to a topic for here, so I saved time posting it here.

It is kind of vague as it has to be, as per my agreement with Po to post this thread and all.

I am asking opinions, which is more suited to the lounge, but, as I stated, it could very well end up here anyway.

If someone tried screwing you over before they paid for something what would you do? Is the main question.
If someone tried to screw me over, even if they had paid me, i'd hit the fucking roof. I'm very vindictive and always get filled with rage when anyone tries to get one over on me.

Obviously i'm assumming you barely know him, don't like him and haven't comunicated much. However, if you'd got friendly with him, did much talking and gave him help, then i can imagine any kind of hatred being really hard to muster. If i was in the later situation, i'd simply do what you have done and cut my losses.

I've always said you do your absolute best all the time, no excuses, or you don't do anything at all. I don't believe in second chances. If someone does the first thing they do for you wrong, it's a slippery slope. I mean think of any job you've ever done. The first job you did with or for anyone was always as near as perfect as could be no?

Anything i've ever done for anyone has always been 100%, so i expect nothing less. If someone's trying to kill the golden goose, let them, it's their cross to bare and their loss when it all hits home.
my guess would either be bodeezy or nevarc?

ive been scammed by reputable members (including an exec-vip) here in bhw before .

i guess i should just stick to outsourcing sites.

sorry to hear for your loss bro.
my guess would either be bodeezy or nevarc?

ive been scammed by reputable members (including an exec-vip) here in bhw before .

i guess i should just stick to outsourcing sites.

sorry to hear for your loss bro.

he didn't say anything about exec vip's and bo isn't on this forum anymore. don't call out names he obviously didnt want it that way
i think this is a little to vague for us to be able to offer an helpful opinion. would like to help but don't know what the hell i am talking about.
amanda is cute and calm me jason redneck asshole but other than that i always deal honestly...its great get to the point and be done with it.
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