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|some information about pinterest+adsense|*for begginers*

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by nikola9292, Jan 14, 2015.

  1. nikola9292

    nikola9292 Newbie

    Nov 17, 2014
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    When reading a large number of topics related to earn money through Pinterest, I have concluded that it is currently one of the best systems for profit. I plan to start with creating a blog and try to earn money through Adsense Pinterest, but as a beginner I have a few questions regarding this system, so I would ask you that you have experience with this way of earnings answer a few questions.

    1. How to find the target audience on Pinterest, is there a tool that I have information about the members who are active on Pinterest in the area that is associated with mine, because I think it is not effective to follow people who are not long active on Pinterest and whether to follow pinners or boards?

    2. Is there a tool that can not set up to take pictures ejected during a specific period, something like buffer?

    3. What is the fastest way that we approve adsense advertisements to add it in?

    4.How many people that I follow daily on Pinterest, and you do not get a ban?

    5. Did you throw out the image from the blog option to pin or throw out pictures directly on pinterest so I put a link to the blog in the description

    I hope you'll help me, to me and to other beginners in this field. Write some of your experiences.