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    Jun 13, 2014
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    Hello all ,

    About a month ago I decided to try vey hard to get some cash online , and I thought with some hard work in IM I can make 10$ easily in few days , I have read about all the important threads here and found different great methods to start with as a noob , so I picked one and started to work hard on it to get some $$ .

    This method was about building a niche site (on weight loss or anything ) and pick up high demand products from clickbank and then promote my site online to get good traffic .

    It took me a whole day to build a good website with Two niches and picked up about 10 top products , write reviews on them and the site was looking good .
    Then came the problem , when I tried to promote my site I used Buzzbundle to do so , I tried to post many comments , join conversations and many things ( about 2 hours every day) , also tried to creat new thread in many forums on weight loss , but all I got till now is only 23 visitors after one week of work .
    The Q is , Did I missed anything so I don't make any cash at all ? What should I do to get good traffic ? Can anyone with good experience help me and I will really appreciate that :) ?