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Some help on how it wokrs, please?

Discussion in 'Proxies' started by Zoldiik, Apr 23, 2017.

  1. Zoldiik

    Zoldiik Junior Member

    May 13, 2016
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    I want to register US gmail/google play accounts and be able to open them one at a time without getting banned for "multiple accounts" reason, and if ONE account gets banned I want to avoid getting all the other accounts banned as well. I heard that proxies or VPN can help with that but I'm a beginner and don't know much about this so I would really apprecaite some help on how to use proxies or a VPN, thank you in advance.

    Here's what I'm doing now:

    - Restart Router
    - Open Vmware Workstation where I installed Windows xp
    - I use Deepfreeze to clear all the history and everything each time I restart the virtual machine
    - I use a private firefox window to create & access google play & gmail account.
    - I create multiple Windows users and in each one I create and login only to ONE gmail/google play account.
    - After finishing my work in there I close Vmware
    - Restart Router again, and start using pc normally

    PS: I do this because I already got one account banned on the normal windows 10 I use

    * This method works fine for me for a few months now.

    The reason why I'm looking into using a VPN or proxy is because I want to be able to create US gmail/google play accounts, rather than my local country accounts.

    This is just so you understand what I need to do, and here is my question:

    1- If I used a VPN/proxy to create a US gmail/gplay account with a US IP, will I need to always use that IP to access this account? Or can I use my local IP to access it without any problems?

    2- When I create gmail they ask for Number verification or email backup. The first time it goes without the need to number verification, but when I access it from another location (my local IP in this case) it will ask me for re-verifying as a security measure, if I used the email to re-verify will it be fine? Even if I created it the first time using US IP and verifying using my lOCAL IP?

    I hope that you understand what I'm trying to say, please let me hear you thoughts.

    Best regards
  2. wobegong

    wobegong Newbie

    Apr 21, 2017
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    The thing about google is every time you create an account, it tries to figure out if your IP address has been used to make accounts before.

    When you restart your router, you are getting a new IP address so google lets you make a new account.

    But ALL of your home IP addresses are linked to the same Internet provider, and come from roughly the same locations, and google can see this. When google realises that someone is making multiple gmail accounts from the one Internet provider in the same loctions, the starts banning them, as you have seen.

    So to answer your questions:

    1 -If you use a VPN or proxy to make a gmail account, FIRST you WILL need a mobile number to verify it. Because so many people use the VPN/proxy servers, it will almost ALWAYS ask for a phone verification. If you can do a phone verification, after you make the account it is safest to always log in from an IP in the same country. So if you used a US proxy, then best to keep using a US proxy to log in. If you dont (eg you use your local IP), there is a good chance google will think something is suspicious and ask for some verification.

    2 -t two answer you second question we need to make something clear first : there are TWO phone numbers involved in making a gmail account. One is the phone nunmber you put in with your name, date of birth, recovery email etc etc. the other is the one you use if google asks for VERIFICATION. they can be two different numbers, and google doesnt record the VERIFICATION number in your gmail profile.

    SO - if you use a proxy to make an account, but DONT put in a phone in your details, it will ask you for a VERIFICATION phone number, and then forget it after you put the code it. If you then log in from your local IP, it will think something is suspicious and ask for you to verify who you are...but as there is no number in the account profile and it has forgottne the verification number ou used, it will just ask you to type in the recovery email.

    I will also point out two more things :

    -If you make a bunch of gmail accounts from a US proxy, verify them, but then start logging into them all from your same local address, google is still very likely to ban them. you are safest to keepm using the same proxy eash time you access the accounts

    -you dont need a virtual machine. I would just use firefox, a different proxy for each gmail account, clear your cookies and history after each log in, and install a "User Agent switcher" extension to change you user agent after each login (so it can't fingerprint your browser to figure out its all the same person)
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  3. Zoldiik

    Zoldiik Junior Member

    May 13, 2016
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    Thanks a lot for your time & help, I appreciate it :)
  4. Cristoooo

    Cristoooo Newbie

    Aug 13, 2017
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    Thank you for your information, they are so helpful!

    I bought 100 new google accounts from bulk sellers. I was told to change the password and recovery email for all accounts.

    I am thinking about using one dedicated email to be the recovery email for all accounts. Do you know if google would link all the accounts using the recovery email? If they do, any better solution?

    Thank you in advance!