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    Hey guys :)

    Recently I entered the eBay game and I got some questions (haven't sold anything just yet). I always loved merchandising even when I was a little kid. So I have fun doing this, and that is what you should look for. If you find something you like you should pursue it.

    So my game plan is

    * Buy stock on aliexpress
    * Resell it with profit on ebay
    * I am using the dutch ebay for the reselling + another reselling site for dutch people.

    I found what I think quite a profitable product so I bought 20 items for 0,99$ each + free shipping. I looked for my competitors they sell it for 4,95 euro. I think I am going to sell it for 4,50 euro each. There is not really much competition.

    I got any ebay account from 2004 but 0 ratings.

    My questions

    * I buy my stuff on aliexpress but it takes 15-60 days till it arrives at home. So if I find a porifitable product and it sells fast I have to wait another 15-60 days until I can sell it again. How can I monetize this?

    * If I want the product fast within 7 days the shipping costs are insane.

    * How do you guys check out how much searches the product gets? And find out if it is profitable?

    * Could I be selling my products internationally or to the united states? Will I get sales because the shipping costs will be very much.

    * What do you guys do? Do you guys pay the shipping costs for your costumers, or do you let the costumers pay for the shipping costs?

    Notice: I have searched for wholesalers in my country and there are 0.

    Cheers :D

    PS: I have used the search bottom!
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    * You will need to manage your stock to make sure you are always able to fulfill orders, or at least get some fast. This will come by seeing what sells best and then forecasting your sales.

    * If you need cheap express shipping, let me know, I am in China and have good discounts with DHL and Fedex

    * Use terapeak for market research (i think you have to pay for it though)

    * For the USA thing, i'm not sure

    * No, of course make your customer pay for the shipping.. but if your product is 3 euros, and your shiping is 1 euro, you can say your product is 4 euros and shipping is free
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