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    Well hello everyone, I'm new here, lurked for a few months, recently started reading and posting and am looking forward to contributing. If I have read one thing more than most it is to dive right in, stop reading and do. Well, thats what I plan on doing I have read plenty and know I will learn alot more if I just do it. That being said I have a sort of plan in my head but could really use some advice to see where to take this thing.

    Alright so I know and am probabaly going to be working for a company that sells cigars pretty cheap. its an internet based company with a call center etc. I was thinking of ways to put this to use in some hatter kind of way.

    1) Build a website based on cigars, use various SEO techniques to work the site to the first page, generate some traffic and direct it to this companies website for a monthly fee?

    2) Build a website, try to create some sort of affiliate program? Maybe create some PPA (is that pay per action? Like when a lead converts?) banners with some specials. For example they sell small cigars which are like cigarettes, have a bundle package for say 4 cartons for 100 bucks talk to owner have some sort of package done up?

    Any ideas on how I might get the most out of the situation? I am open to all ideas. I would like to get a site up regardless just to start out, gotta learn sometime by doing.
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    I think you're on the right track with both of the concepts of your methods. Props to you for being rather innovative, by the way. You're quite right in saying that you should take action and not be overwhelmed with the threads on BHW. Avoid being indecisive and procrastinating; remember that making mistakes, as long as you learn from them, is a part of the process. Have you spoken to your boss about the first possible method?