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    Not entirely sure if the lounge is the proper place to put this thread, but here goes. Please move it, if it doesn't belong here.

    I'm not entirely new to the IM scene but I would consider myself as a beginner for sure. I've been accepted to many affiliate networks a long with advertising networks such as Traffic Vance. I haven't used these accounts in ages, but I've been working with Adworkmedia(content locking) + FB for a while now. The traffic I get from FB is just not the same as it was 3-6 months ago. It effected my earnings for sure. Either way...

    PPV didn't work out very much, and a close buddy introduced me to another method. The method generated decent daily income, but it was somewhat immoral. I'm not going to get into it but most of you should know the idea of what it was. (Hints: Content Locking, Pin Submit, Scam)

    So the point is... I want to make my money fairly and legally. My goal is an extra $5,000 a month and I've been looking through some helpful threads on this forum.

    Feel like I'm contradicting myself, but the point of this thread was simply to ask what should I look into that is not immoral? I don't want to do anything adult related either.

    What I want to look into/Started already
    -Evergreen Niche+Blog+Clickbank
    -Churn and Burn SEO
    -Building up an IG+CPA offers
    -Buying/reselling on ebay

    I find SEO pretty interesting to be honest.