Some great information but how to monetize it all?

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    Hi everyone

    I have some really good knowledge to help others and hopefuly make an income from. Its from my parents, my mum is gluten free for many years, so we created a product and tried to link it up with a membership site (based on russel brunsons micro c program), but I feel I didnt do my research properly and dont think it can be monetized in membership becaue I dont see any products on adsense when I do a search for gluten free. (Ive created a list of a hundred or so peple at least) I see lots of actual food products, but not information products. SO its a bit depressing, I thought I might try to market her cookbook that I helped her create on pdf. However, I just need to get some cash to get a good E-product design made.

    The other stuff though I think is really beneficial in helping people etc. My step dad is a retired naturopath and homeopath and has had some incredible results with his medicine over the years. I was thinking of using clickbank for his product, his product will be how to cure different ailments using his techniques. HOWEVER, there always seems to be a stumbling block in my head and thats why I havent gotten anywhere in the last two years Ive been reading BHW (had to re-register recently as I couldnt access my old account). I am the king procrastinator, have 1758 Pdfs on my computer I just realised this morning and havent taken thoughtful large action on ANY of them. I have every big launch product released that I can get, I am a real BHW junkie. I bought arbitrage conspiracy and fell in a heap cos I lost my money on adwords and didnt find any of those golden nuggets, LOL.

    I will start something off, then talk my mind into thinking it wont work and NOT follow through. OR, I will read on here that the system or method is too saturated and that will be enough for me to stop right there. For example, yesterday I saw some great facebook and other threads and then by the time I finished the threads, few people said that the methods would be completely saturated within days, so that was enough for me to not go any further. Anyway, Im sure Im not the only one on here like this!! oh well...

    But back to my products, with my step fathers product, I see that on click bank in remedies section there are many massive products doing great. They have lots of photo testimonials on there though, and my step dad had retired from his practice many years ago, he still does the medicine for my mom though. So unless he somehow finds his old clients, how would I market a click bank product without all the glowing testimonials or do you think it would be viable to launch a clickbank product without testimonials? Also the copyrighting is an issue, its so over the top and long page length on clickbank. dop you think you need an expensive copyrighter to succeed on there?

    Its a stumbling block for me, for what I belive is a great product and one I know has worked for his clients, unlike some of the somewhat dubious prodcuts on click bank to cure everything from hemroids to cancer in 24 hrs, yet still seem to sell large volumes.

    So I guess I am looking for any advice on marleting some of the knowledge from my mum and stepdad. My mum is also a killer palmist and tarot person as well but I dont see much money in those areas online either!!!

    Or if someone would like to do some kind of partnership it would be cool as well.

    Any advice much appreciated


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    Just my thoughts..
    Something like irritable bowel may be better to look at rather than coeliac disease. IBS affects something like 15% of population in the U.S, (not sure about Australia, but for example it's as high as 40% in parts of South America) - whereas coeliac = roughly 0.05-0.27% (plus the supermarket shelves are full of gluten free products, and a search on google for 'gluten free recipes' brings up 3,300,000 hits).

    How about you doing more of an e course on healthy living + natural remedies for common problems including IBS and push the IBS side of things to market it,
    'How to recover your Natural Health using ancient remedies in only 4 weeks'
    or something similar.
    A cookbook sounds boring, and most people will need a reason to buy it. Make it more about their health generally and use their worries about ill-health to generate the sales.