Some domains I would like price info on please

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    Nov 25, 2016
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    I have been selling starter websites on Flippa for a while, but I find the whole file transfer to new owners a bit tiresome - I have approx. 40 website templates for niches, but there's a bit of work in this and I don't like work!

    I then decided that domaining may be the way to go and have a few domains that I would like to sell. I noticed on Flippa that the .io domains seem to be desirable at the moment, so I brought a couple;

    I figured these were short, dictionary words with a 'tech' theme to suit the .io extension. - figured an SEO or design person may be interested in this - Fitness and Health are great niches. - Just short and pronouncable. - Figured this would be good as a (porn) typo.

    just thought these sounded good with 'info' on the end!

    Any advice on whether or not these have any value would be much appreciated.