Some content in this message has been reported as abusive by Facebook users

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by IME300, Apr 28, 2011.

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    Apr 28, 2011
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    i have been using facebook for my one specific use for months now

    usually i will sign up a new account fill some info in
    load some images

    accounts works normally and can let it be as long as i want
    at one point ill send a message to my current target

    if things go wrong ill end up posting a message to around 30-50 people
    facebook lets me do that up till now

    a day or two after i sent my batch msg my account will die which is acceptable

    that was the past up till a week ago or so

    currently the situation is i sign up with a new account
    and the first msg i send out i get the

    "Some content in this message has been reported as abusive by Facebook users"

    message regardless of the msg content if can be just one line consisting of 3 words no links and ill get the abusive notice

    seconds after that my account will go into roadblock asking for SMS account confirmation

    at that point i have to wait another day or two until i get an option to confirm my account via normal phone line call then i can use a free phone number via VOIP

    each time i use a different phone number i hear the code on my desktop via voip and it works

    but that was the past
    currently after i create a new account and send 1 msg on it
    i will go straight to rockblock then before i even get the phone line confirmation option my account will be disabled
    usually after a day or so ill log on and see account been banned

    now im left with the conclusion facebook knows im the same person each time

    question is how

    things i do are - i turn off and on my router and i get fresh ip that way
    i even close my pc and deleted cookies

    i do not use the same pictures on my account or i will resize and rename them so facebook would not remember the pics were used on a previously banned account

    but somehow my fresh accounts still get banned even without me posting anything to anyone

    im left to think facebook must have something sitting on my system somewhere that knows me and thats how they recognize me

    dose anyone have a clue what file that may be so i could perhaps delete it each time before making a new account?

    like i said this only started happening recently
    i been doing my thing for months but now i get that abusive content msg on my very first sent msg then roadblock then account banned after 24 hours before i had a chance to confirm it

    expert help would be appreciated

    i cant put my finger on way my fresh account would get banned without a visible reason

    this is really cramping my style
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    Depends on my vpn
    1] did u try different ip range thn your home dsl?
    2] your voip phone numbers are all similar?
    3] just deleting cookies/cache in chrome is not sufficient as per my experience, additionally i close chrome and run ccleaner.
    4] i assume, u have tried changing your msg text and links

    keep experimenting...
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    Apr 28, 2011
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    thanks for your reply

    i am not sure about ip ranges i could turn it on and off now and paste a few of the ips i get

    2. the voip phone numbers first 5 digits are the same each time i register with a new number

    but im not sure it even has to do with that cuz my account gets deleted before i even input that phone number

    i get the sms confirmation first and i dont touch that
    i need to wait a day till phone line confirmation will show itself
    and with all my most recent accounts i got banned even before getting to that stage

    account went to roadblock after one sent msg that was a test msg and nearly blank

    i dont work with ccleaner but ill install it now and try it out
    ill register and send a test msg and see if i get abusive content thingy and roadblocked


    just used cccleaner
    deleted everything it had to offer

    did a total shut down of my pc
    closed dsl number of times

    made new facebook account
    send test msg with plain text that worked

    then sent a msg with bayimg link and a megaup link
    both fresh used for first time

    and got the abusive content msg + roadblock

    and i guess in about 24 hours my account will be gone

    that leaves me in a situation i can not use facebook at all :|

    surly this can not be true

    am i the only one who uses facebook like this and faces this situation ?

    i have two OS installed on my rig vista and 7
    currently using vista
    could try and switch to 7 and make a fresh facebook account from there and it might work ...
    lets see if i get the abusive content again on first msg

    i also have another laptop ill try making a facebook on it as well if i still get abusive on the laptop that will be strange

    got new ip and went to make new facebook this time on my laptop
    i still got the abusive text on my first sent msg :|

    are they crazy? people cant send eachother msgs on facebook no more?
    will try to give it a rest for a few days
    then ill make an account and i wont even try to send one single msg
    then ill come back after few days that account was up and try to send a msg and ill see if that waiting period since the account was made made a difference and maybe i wont get abusive msg :\

    this is ridicules i hate facebook taking over the world
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    have you tried to age the accounts? even just a few days might work
    heres a few other ideas,
    signup and message via the mobile site
    make 2 accounts, make them friends with eachother, message back and fourth between the 2 accounts.. then try to send a external test message

    maybe have 10 dummy accounts that you use to friend request your kamikaze account before sending the messages, so your account that you message with has dummy friends

    it sounds to me like you need to build up the account before you start messaging from it, even if its artificially building it up to make it seem legit
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    Apr 28, 2011
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    good points yes i feel the same
    ill make an account and i wont touch it for few days
    then ill come to it and add a few people as friend as the first thing i do
    after like 10 accept me ill try and send a msg and see what happens

    i wish i could confirm my account via phone right at the start instead of letting it happen at random and then having the wait 2 days until it lets me do it by phone

    im sure after i do that my account gathers some strength
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    Apr 28, 2011
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    im so upset :(
    since my last comment i made 2 accounts
    i did nothing bad on them
    i verified them with phone
    i uploaded pics
    added some friends

    they were up for over 2 weeks
    and just now for no reason both been deleted
    i didnt even get to test and msg one person to even see if i get abusive content msg

    for no reason at all both accounts disabled
    i hate facebook so much what the fuk they want from me i made an account and was using it normally

    what happened was i sent like 5-10 friend reqs and then i got blocked for 4 days
    this happened like today

    also all the friends req i sent out were canceled and i actually know some of the people i sent to

    i sent friend req to 5-7-10 people max! and i get banned for that ?
    after having my accounts up for two weeks?

    i only had like 15 friends on the account each day i sent like 3-5 friend adds

    facebook sucks so much wow