Some changes needed - suggestions.


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Jun 18, 2010
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I think on some changes that could keep up quality of this forum :

1. User should have 20 posts to open a thread.

2. Donors and higher could have PM sending limit lowered to like 30 second between sending - lots of donors and jr. vips are selling services here in BHW and this limit can be pain...

3. There could be section on this forum containing juice of this forum - the best and most helpful threads. I know there is sticky option, but because of lots of noobs we have a lot of threads openings asking for questions already answered.

4. More mods and admins? I know everybody is busy but maybe is time to get more mods and admins...

5. Chatbox is having huge problems lately - and as it is our first line to contact mods and admins we need to work out something else...

6. Admins and Mods are humans too... I think some people are forgetting that. Closing threads of members without explanation (I mean reputable members threads), not answering PMs, etc... It would be cool if there was like 2-3 mods acting like a customer care - answering PMs and helping members. That would help increase quality of this forum a lot...
Once my thread was closed and after PMing a load of mods only BigBuddy answered me...

7. Quick search (the search field on the left) is not working on Home Page (you can click it, beg it, dance for it, but will do nothing...)

8. This is not a DP - guys, use search option. This forum do not need huge thread count, we need keep quality of posts in here. As shapsp pointed (good contribution man!!!) in other thread MISLEADING titles are killing me... Not everybody have time to go through 100 fake titles to find out that they are just spam... Some people are making money here and its huge waste... Anyways, this thread should be a sticky : - its piece of good work.
Those are some very good ideas. I think no.1 would be good because it would stop so many noobs creating threads like "help me make money online", "how do I make money online" etc
Also threads over a year old should be deleted.
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Another one :

I have noticed that Dropshipping section get spammed... People are advertising their own services in other peoples threads...
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