Some Apps And Proggies for Newbies


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Dec 22, 2009
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So Im a fellow Noob and am stumbling through getting powerful and a multi millionaire! Here are some great proggies that I Use.

If you use them let me know how it goes I love tracking anything that i gave help to.. makes me feel important :)

Autohotkey : A great little program that you can hotkey anything including clicks. I use it for auto clicking links on sites opening/closing windows, starting apps ( I have to load about 12 proggies everytime i get up so i hotkeyed it and it does all the work from one button!!) Also useful to store auto responses.

Piwik : Google analytics that you OWN! PHP upload to your server follow instructions and customise to show what you want to show. Might be a good app if you want to offer tracking services for others..
(I use it because i HATE trusting tracking data to another person eg the big G)

Phpmotion : Your OWN YOUTUBE ! With blogging features. Not for shared hosting as it needs FFMPEG.

I have others and will update as i remember them though i would offer some.

This is in the white hat forum however obviously these can all be addapted to blackhat use.. but thats for another post.. Thanks would be appreciated..
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Really? no thanks.. so no one found this interesting or beneficial? damn Whats a guy to do to get a thanks around here
Hey, I hadn't heard of any of those. Mind you I'm a bit nervous when it comes to using my FTP program (killed a site a couple of months ago and did something to the folders but can't figure what).

My own youtube sounds cool. Could use for membership site maybe? Tracking sounds excellent, although overwhelming.

Will impliment autohotkey asap! Yay, more time for BHW :D
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