Some advise on finding the right affiliates and paying systems.

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    Hi all.

    It?s my third year in a row with challenge now, and I?ve started a really promising project, but I need some helping getting the most out of it. It?s a music related website, with a community to keep the members coming and a bunch of extra options if you get a paid membership.

    And here we have the first problem: we need good get a reliable payment system, that is not bound to specific countries. So I?d like to know if any of you guys nows a company that offers a way to do these payments using phone or credit card.

    Another thing that I?d like on the website is a video ad. And by that I mean a video that contains an ad, like the ads youtube has done for a while now.

    Thirdly, I?d like to know if any of you guys knows an affiliate service that provides questionnaires for our costumers, and pays for every filled-out form, returning back information about the person who filled the form so we can recognize him and can give him a free pro membership?

    And finally I?d like to know if you guys know some good affiliates, that pay really well and are
    frequently used.