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    Hey guys, hope your all ok :)

    Ive been looking around the forum for a short while as I am looking for ways to earn a little bit of extra money (im a single mum so could do with anything extra)

    I was thinking about doing some blogging but in all honesty my life is boring and dont think anyone will want to read what I get up to, I also understand it to be a long process to become established and rank in search engines so money wouldn't be made any time soon, so instead was thinking about getting in to churn and burn sites.

    is it best to build a website on a purchased domain? or do you use free platforms ?

    Once the site is built, do you need to add content on a regular basis or just use bare minimum?

    If or when you get penalised, do you re-use the same content on a different domain or do you start from scratch? Do you redirect the old domain to the new or is that looking for trouble?

    And finally, how do you decide what topic to use. Do you generally use adsense or products for churn and burn sites?

    I don't want you guys thinking i want everything handing to me, as im just looking for some friendly advice, as i don't want to waste money investing in services