Solution to Common Virtuemart Issues (for intermediate users)

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    I swear this guide looked a lot longer on my blog! This is just the start of this guide though, and I want to develop it further here. I guess this is less of a guide, and more of a detailed FAQ. These are just some things that caused my major headaches at some point. I encourage anyone who has questions to ask them here, so I can solve and post them.

    As I think of more common questions I will post the questions along with answers. I know there are a lot more things (some which took hours) that I would have wanted, but I can't think of them.

    How do I resize my product thumbnails?

    Go to your virtuemart backend. Click on admin->configuration on the far left menu. Click on the site tab, and you will see product thumbnail width and height. Once you have changed your thumbnail sizes you will need to reload them all. Delete everything in the /images/resized folder and run the following SQL quary in MyPHPAdmin:
    UPDATE `jos_vm_product` SET `product_thumb_image` = `product_full_image`
    How do I make the categories on the virtuemart homepage dissapear?

    Connect to your ftp and browse to root/components/com_virtuemart/themes/default/templates/common/and open up shopindex.tpl.php. Comment out or remove lines 6 and 7 which should read:

    echo "<br /><h4>".$VM_LANG->_('PHPSHOP_CATEGORIES')."</h4>"; echo $categories;
    How do I add google analytics to my virtuemart pages automatically?

    Install the plugin googleanalyticsforvirtuemart by going to extensions->install then browsing to the package and hitting install. This can be found at the site called joomlacode.

    How do I hide the thumbnail for a category with children?

    Depending on how your site is configured you are either going to need to edit browse_notables.php or browse_layouttable.php. Comment out all of the thumbnails. The location and code will vary by template.

    How do I remove stock "Virtuemart" text?

    This depends on the module, but anything that isn't part of a module can be edited directly. It will generally be found in either /language or /administrator/language. If the text is part of a module look in the languages directory for the module in the /modules folder. If it is not there it should be in the theme folder for your module.

    How do I fix the "invalid tax total" error with paypal checkout?

    It is usually a very simple fix, but not always. Most of the time you can go into your virtuemart backend, and go to admin->configuration and disable "virtual tax" under tax configuration. If this does not solve it there is an issue with the paypal checkout plugin. I would highly recommend getting paypal payments pro, and the corresponding checkout module.

    The other way to fix it involves heavily modifying the code for your paypal payments plugin. I can send the .tpl.php files to anyone who needs them, and tell them the right configuration. It's a lot of work.

    How do I change the shopping cart thumbnail?

    Simply replace the image at components/com_virtuemart/shop_image/ps_image/menu_logo.gif.
    If you don't like menu_logo as a name go to themes/[theme]/templates/common and open up minicart.tpl.php. Hit control F and search for menu_logo.gif. Change it.

    How can I change the amount of products per row?

    This setting can be found under admin->configuration in the site tab.

    Where can I find virtuemart extensions?

    The subdomain of virtuemart's website has both free and paid extensions. You will find modules, components, and plugins there. Joomla org has a far better selection of free extensions however.

    Where can I find a FULL backup solution?

    You want to get a virtuemart component called Akeeba backup. It is totally free, and it can do a backup of your site which is restorable in minutes. When you install akeeba backup change the configuration to save backups as .RAR. This will save you a LOT of headaches later on. When you put the rar file on your server SSH in and unpack it locally don't upload the unpacked files. This will save you about an hour for every restore you do.

    How can I use an extension from another VM/J! version?

    You can try and use older extensions by enabling the legacy plugin. Go to the back-end, mouseover extensions, and select plugin manager. Enable the plugin titles "System - Legacy" this will not always work, and in some cases can break things!

    Why is the format for my products so god-awful?

    Yes the default format for products is absolutely awful. In the virtuemart configuration menu (components->virtuemart) go to admin->configuration. Go to the site tab and find where it says "select the default theme for your shop" and click the link for "configuration" below it. The default format uses old school technology, and is table based. Change it to "product list (div based)" and it will usually look a lot better. If you are using templates/themes heavily this might break things! If you don't have div-based selected then you will never be able to put more than 1 product on a row.
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