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    I just received a Skype request from someone named 'Dezign Emporium' who claimed he/she obtained my contact details on BHW where he/she is a seller of certain services. I have never heard of this entity nor have I ever exchanged words with them prior to this.

    D.E started of saying that i 'needed PBN posts'. I never said such a thing anywhere on BHW, so I asked for clarification and he/she goes on about what he/she provides, to which I said I do not buy anything from anyone who solicits me outside of a forum.

    D.E then says there was 'no soliciting, only just asking'. From the way the message was crafted, I knew that D.E is a non native English speaker.

    Dear non native English speakers, I have no problem if you are indian/pakistan/ eastern European or wherever else you may be from- there's no xenophobia or racism on my part (I'm Asian FFs), but please do not use your lack of comprehension of the English language to act as if you don't understand when you do something of questionable intentions.

    This is NOT meant to be a shit list, just a PSA to let others know that you can & will be solicitated at random by people looking to take advantage of your need for a service.Some may be legit, some may not- but Do not let your privacy be intruded upon and pay these intruders for their efforts or it will become rampant.
    Do be cautious, and try not to make any deals outside of BHW where there is lesser accountability.

    ** I clicked 'report as spam' on Skype and the entire convo between me and Dezign Emporium was automatically deleted, so I'm sorry I cannot provide imagery as proof.**
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