Solar Lamp with Mobile Charging

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    A customer came to me in deep pain (that's what I see in him). He was been asked to supply 150 Solar lamps with capability to charge mobiles ( Indian Pin), can be used as night lamp and DC charging available. Deal was on credit agreement, but was not properly legalized. Now the deal got cancelled, due to some private reasons. Coming to point he is looking for interesting parties to buy these.

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    As he said this to me, I started googling, searched for retail/wholesale suppliers who are supplying solar lamps with mobile charging across globe. The maximum price was $150 minimum being $75, irrespective of quality and design. I asked him the best price he can sell his product, taking deep breath he said, I am happy if I get my production cost.

    The price that he is looking is $29/each. Interested parties please PM me. I can arrange for shipping if ordered in bulk. He has more or less 100 pcs remaining. Interested parties please PM.
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    I hope someone was able to help him with the solar lamps.