Softwarelint Jobs & JV Application

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    Softwarelint Jobs & JV Application

    We are searching for people to round up our Staff. We are looking for passionate, and dedicated people who want to be part of something special. Softwarelint is a new website, with a long term goal and vision. We aim to become an Authority Website. For us to reach that, it will take time, and sacrifice from each of us.

    Learn more about Softwarelint

    Softwarelint Corporation*is your gateway to all the latest in technology and social media. From the latest gadgets, to the newest social networking trends, Softwarelint aims to make your life easier and much more convenient with all our FREE SERVICES.

    Software development is one of the aspects that we pride ourselves in.*Softwarelint*developers*are very capable and are always happy to lend a helping hand to those in need of scripts and codes.*

    Aside from software development,*Softwarelint Entertainment*makes sure that you are hooked to all the latest movies. We offer you online movies, absolutely FREE. *If you're more on the studious side, then*Softwarelint*eBook-shelf*is at your service. You can choose from our wide collection of E-books. Just grab the book of your choice on our eBook-shelf, no charge whatsoever.

    Softwarelint guides you in this rapidly growing, technology-driven world that we live in. With our free services, we are helping you get the life that you deserve.

    Future services of Softwarelint:

    *Softwarelint Network (A complete advertising solution)
    *Softwarelint Store (Apps store )
    *Softwarelint forum (Discussion board)
    *Softwarelint Community (A social network arena where people can interact with our staff members)

    Softwarelint: Optimum convenience at its finest.

    You and Softwarelint

    Upon reading the aforementioned information, you now have an idea what Softwarelint is all about. We would like to embrace you with open arms. Be part of our Staff right now, and you will have a nice seat together with us as we aim high and reach for the stars.

    Of course, you might be thinking... "Why join now and get no payment, when I can join when you when you're already earning?" The answer is simple. Sacrifice now, Earn A LOT later on. Do read along...

    If you are good in Web Design, then you can be a Softwarelint Designer. (Create logos, improve on the current design of the website, make revisions etc.)
    If you are a passionate writer, who happen to enjoy writing about tech stuff, gadgets, social media etc. Then this is the spot for you! You can be a Softwarelint Writer. (Write reviews on gadgets, apps, etc. Break news or rumors regarding new gadgets/events on the world of social media).
    If you are a bookworm, or an Online Bookworm that is, you must have a lot of access to E-Books both old and new! You can be in charge of Softwarelint's e-Bookshelf as Head Librarian. (Updating the E-Book section; making sure there are always fresh/new e-Books for our audience).
    If you are an avid movie fan, with a real passion in movies, then you might fit in as our Movie Department Head, under Softwarelint Entertainment. (In charge of updating Softwarelint's movie library *upload movies).
    If you have the skills in Web development and/or Apps, or anything related to it, you can apply to be a Softwarelint Developer.

    *ONLY 1 APPLICANT PER POSITION WILL BE ACCEPTED. (Only the developer and writer position may exceed 1; 2 at most)

    How I will earn from Softwarelint?

    Right now, you won't. Yes, you won't earn a single dollar, NOT YET, that is. Our goal is to become an Authority Website first. For that to happen there must be no Google Ads or other affiliate programs on the website. This website will earn ONCE we are an Authority Website. And as the website earn, so WILL YOU. The reason why we are only accepting 5-7 people right now is because you will be part of the Pioneer Team. If you join us now, and commit to our vision, you will be rewarded once we start earning. Softwarelint Pioneer Team will be prioritized when we our website start to earn. The website revenue will be distributed FIRST to the Pioneer Team. You will have significantly more pay, than a member who will only join us when we are already an Authority Website.

    As an Authority Website, Softwarelint will earn from Google Adsense, and other affiliate programs with ease. The specific number is too hard to project at this moment, but if you are curious, you can check on the net how much money Authority Websites are earning, and you will be surprised. It is definitely better than a niche site, which is why it takes time and sacrifice. But rest assured, there will be a rainbow at the end of the tunnel.

    How do I submit my job application?

    Submit your application on the link below.

    Apply now:

    How will I know if I can be part of the Softwarelint Team ?

    You will immediately receive a message regarding your status after 1 day (2 days at most). Whether you are in, or not, you will get a message from us.

    Note: We may also call for an Online Interview (Chat; via Skype) if need be.

    Written By: Deep Singhal and Aki Eniego
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    About the books and exactly do you intend to provide them free?
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    Here we go