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Software Projects Don't Reply My Emails

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by huayf, Nov 21, 2016.

  1. huayf

    huayf Registered Member

    Sep 4, 2015
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    I use payoneer to receive commisions from software projects. Because my payoneer account was suddenly under security review, the global payment service was disabled and I can't receive money through payoneer temporarily. The last two weeks commisions was returned from payoneer to Software Projects. About this matter, I wrote emails to software projects and ask them what measures they take about the returned money. I'm very anxious and waiting for their reply. But 2 days later I still got no reply. I wrote another email and 2 days later still no response. I try to communicate with them with emails, but they just don't reply. I'm wondering if my email is in their black list. I'm very depressed.

    Today I make a phone call to their support 1-800-218-1525. Because English is not my first language and my oral English is really poor, the communication is not very fluent. I told them my software projects account and they say they can't find this account in their files. They ask me to wrote an email to their support email [email protected] , but as you can see, I have wrote many emails and wait many days but no one reply. My dear BHW friends, what can I do with this?