Software Developer seeking US based Resident to Test New Trading Software

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    Hello BHW community,

    I understand this is not typical BHW content so I hope this is acceptable in the lounge.

    I am an Australian based independent software developer currently working on a new automated market trading program. It will soon be ready for testing however it is designed for a US based exchange and only US residents are able to trade on this platform. I am looking for a US resident from one of the below listed states to help set up and test on the US exchange.

    I will provide any set up costs in advance so that you are not required to pay any costs out of your own funds. I will also be providing the initial investment capital.
    As this is only a test run of the system, full costs including set up and capital is expected to be less than $50 USD which I will provide.

    Only basic computer skills required and you will NOT be required to install any software on your own personal computer.

    As this software is under development I cannot guarantee that any profits will be made however I will share a fair percentage of any profits made through this process which we can negotiate. You will be free to stop at any time.

    Expectation of only a few hours of your time will be required for configuration after which the software software will run and make trades unattended.

    Prior experience with self trading would be advantageous to help familiarise yourself with what the software will be doing, feel free to consult your advisers at any time to make sure this is right for you.

    You must be willing to use legitimate identification information as the system will be live trading on your behalf on a registered exchange.

    I have re-written this post several times now as every time I read it I still feel like this sounds like a scam however I want to try to build as much trust as possible. I am willing to take any form of correspondence, video chat, respond to any inquiries or questions you may have.

    Looking forward to hearing from someone soon.

    ***US resident must be from one of the following states:

    Alabama (AL)
    Arizona (AZ)
    Arkansas (AR)
    California (CA)
    Colorado (CO)
    Delaware (DE)
    District of Columbia (DC)
    Georgia (GA)
    Idaho (ID)
    Illinois (IL)
    Indiana (IN)
    Iowa (IA)
    Kansas (KS)
    Maine (ME)
    Massachusetts (MA)
    Mississippi (MS)
    Missouri (MO)
    Montana (MT)
    Nebraska (NE)
    Nevada (NV)
    New Hampshire (NH)
    New Jersey (NJ)
    New Mexico (NM)
    New York (NY)
    North Carolina (NC)
    North Dakota (ND)
    Oklahoma (OK)
    Oregon (OR)
    Pennsylvania (PA)
    Puerto Rico (PR)
    South Carolina (SC)
    South Dakota (SD)
    Texas (TX)
    Utah (UT)
    Vermont (VT)
    Washington (WA)
    West Virginia (WV)
    Wisconsin (WI)
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