Socks5 by [BLB12]


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Aug 8, 2010
Here's what I have from above. I can not use these today...

[B]Good Socks 4 proxies:[/B]

[B]Good Socks 5 proxies:[/B]
of course that list failed on scrapebox
its a socks list
not an anonymous proxie list

i post the odd free scrapebox list from
time to time but not as often as i use to
bcause for every list u might post - u will
get 1-2-3k views - and almost never a thanks.
yet if u post a list of proxies with a caption
thanks appreciated - theres always some noobie
who will reply why should i post thanks.
the answer there lies in itself - happy to leech
happy to take - cant be bothered to thank.
this is why theres few people posting free proxies..
its time consuming and the effort gets no acknowledgment
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At proxy go. This sounds like it should be a practice what you preach session. Looking at your stats, you have not thanked a single person wince you've been here but yet you expect people to do that for you?

I appreciate anyone who gives their time to BHW but you have to give some Thanks to receive some.
when i mean thanks - i mean post thanks.
i didnt mean the thankyou button. maybe i
should have said that .
i never use the thanks button i find its an idle
way to not have to post. trust me posting a
thankyou to some1 is worth more than a button
now check over my posts to see how many writen
thanks ive posted --- alot
if ever ive read a post i found usefull you will always
find a writen post of thankyou -
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