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    I've personally NOT used SocialADR. I'm looking into it though.

    Yesterday I was ALMOST going to sign up for SocialADR (the $117 plan), then I closed the Paypal transaction page, because another service had a 3-day free trial so why not that instead.

    And today I received this email :D
    (can't attach screenshot :()
    "It looks like we might have messed up. Yesterday you started the registration process for SocialAdr, but something happened and we didn't get all the information that we needed.

    I apologize!

    SocialAdr is all about making your life easy and simple, and I know that running into problems during the registration process isn't a great start. Trust me, once you get inside you'll know why we have over 8500 members and growing every day.

    Anyway, since we botched up your registration, we want to offer you a chance to try out everything SocialAdr has to offer for a whole week for just $1. We are 100% sure that you will be thrilled at all the backlinks and traffic coming to your site. And if you decide it's not for you, you get to keep ALL of the bookmarks that we built for you.

    Here's your special offer link

    You really can't lose with this. For just $1, we'll build hundreds of social bookmarks to your pages for you, and all you have to do is tell us where to send them. No account creation, no logging in to site after site, no copy and pasting data, nothing. Just enter your site details and relax.

    Go here now > Try SocialAdr for $1

    To Your Success,

    Ben & Kane"
    I can't give you the link because it's unique to each visitor.

    But you can get this email as well!! For people on a tight budget and wanting to give every service a shot >> this is gold!

    Hope the offer doesn't get removed because of me :D

    1) Sign up for SocialADR
    2) Click the $117 plan
    3) Close the paypal page.
    4) Wait for the email :D (takes 1 day or so)
    5) ENJOY

    Also, if anyone could, please tell me whether it's worth buying SocialADR service and why. Thanks!!

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