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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by bobgoe, Nov 30, 2012.

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    I am not familiar with the social signals for SEO purpose , so please help me to clear some doubt
    1. do we need a facebook fan page to get like for our website
    2. if i have a fanpage if some one likes it will it automatically reflects on my website (will my websites like increase ) or both are independent
    3. What you guys add to your website facebook like plugin or facebook share plugin
    4. I need a plugin that have tweeter + facbook like and share (if both are available) any free or payed

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    Even though Google has confirmed that they use social signals as a factor in their ranking of websites, this realm is still settling. In answer to your first question, you don't necessarily need a Facebook page to increase the amount of social signals to your website but more that links to your website get shared among many different social media platforms. If you can get plus one's and shares on G+ that is even better (for obvious reasons).

    In answer to your second question, if you get a like on Facebook, it really has no bearing on SEO for your site. It does increase exposure of your brand/website if your site is promoted on your page or at least linked to it. It is not as if there is a little SEO meter somewhere that gives you points for someone liking your page on Facebook (or any other social media platform for that matter).

    For your third question, the type of plugin (if any) you would add to your website would really depend on your visitors. Where are your visitors spending time? If they are on facebook a lot, perhaps adding some sort of FB based widget/plugin would be appropriate. This would hold true for all social networks. Sometimes your visitors may use them or they may not. You definitely shouldn't use something just because it is new and everyone else is doing it. You should let data drive your decisions.

    And lastly, there are a lot of plugins out there (sharing type ones) but whichever one you choose will depend on the platform you have. Are you using a CMS like Wordpress or Joomla? If not you may have to find some other option or build something from scratch.

    These links talk more about social signals in search,

    I hope those answers help you,

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    Dear bobgoe,

    just a technical note: I would suggest that you do not take any of those fancy js buttons from G, face... etc. You can just take simple pics&html, you may search for the code you need in particular. Here is an example you can use for G+:
    <a href="hXXps://plus.g00gle.c0m/share?url={your site}" onclick=",'',menubar=no,toolbar=no,resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes,height=600,width=600');return false;">
    <img src="hXXps://wxw.gstatic.c0m/images/icons/gplus-64.png" alt="Share on G00gle+"/></a>
    You have to replace {your site} by the url of your page. You may also add the n0f0110w attribute to the usual g code for pagerank reasons.
    I am sorry for the changes I had to do to the code to be able to post...
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    I think they do fuck all. Why would Google trust facebook? They can't crawl it properly.
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    Google pull all the data from facebook and twitter and use these data with their ranking factors
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    you can use social signaling services like synnd, although some people have doubts about it's consistency. I use it for my websites to 'build backlinks to my backlinks' and it's pretty much a bunch of people from india submitting your content to book marking sites and using they facebook and twitter account to like and tweet about your content. I usually use it to make it look like a guest post that I did on another blog look popular in google's eyes.
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    Actually, Google hasn't said that all this social crap will have a direct effect on your ranking. Instead, they have said that the only social signals that affects their search results is authorship - a rich snippet mark-up.