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    Hello BHW,

    While a forum may not be the best place to ask for legal advice, I felt that many of the users here may have firsthand experience with the area I'm in need of assistance in. I am a programmer that has been doing private software development work for several individuals over the past few years and I have recently had the urge to launch a website to sell internet marketing products. If one hypothetically wanted to develop and sell products that automated social networking tasks, how would one legally do so? For example, given a made-up social network called FaceHookMeetSpace, a hypothetical product one could develop would automate creating accounts for that network. However, if the hypothetical FaceHookMeetSpace had strict terms of service that disallowed the creation of fake profiles, how would one sell a product made to do just that? Further, would the answer to that question also apply to the question of how one could sell software that automated sending messages to random users on FaceHookMeetSpace? If these questions aren't enough for those of you so tickled by such discussion, what about software that incorporated reverse engineered "secure" protocols used by the FaceHookMeetSpace iPhone / Android apps?

    Thoughts? Opinions? I'm sure you all can imagine how one could be stymied by these little road blocks to financial success. Also, note that as I am new here I cannot yet respond to PMs, so please refrain from doing so unless I happen to have 15 or more forum posts at the time of your message.