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    Apr 27, 2014
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    Hi, we are looking to JV with someone on our social media panel here is what we have.

    -Instagram, Twitter, Vine, Facebook, & Youtube Bots that auto fill orders
    -Instagram, Twitter, Vine, Facebook, & Youtube account creation software
    - bulk private proxies
    - Instagram, Vine, Facebook, YT accounts
    - programmer

    Here is what we would need if you wanted to partner up
    - More private proxies
    - More accounts

    If you can contribute more proxies or accounts to our panel, and depending on how many you contribute we will split a percentage of the profits once we launch. We already have a good amount of accounts & proxies, but the more the merrier. For more info PM me or add me on skype: ogZiiGz.

    If you PM me or skype me I will also discuss how we will be marketing the panel and some background information regarding how much money we'll be making, but if you have any experience in this field you should already know the potential in owning a real panel not just using a reseller API.

    Also still skype or PM me if you are interested and you don't have proxies or accounts, and think you may have something that can help.

    Thanks guys.