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Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by moeatwa, Apr 1, 2012.

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    Hey BHW,

    Looking to JV with someone having SMM experience. Here's what I've got to offer:

    1. Native English Speaker/ Writer

    2. Does Article Writing/ Copy Writing (Can write up to 15-20 unique and informative articles a day, provided that the return is worthwhile)

    3. Have managed Twitter accounts before

    4. Willing to put in up to 5 hours a day in this

    5. Will split all costs and profits 50/50

    6. Have done FB PPC before

    7. Has existing projects on hand for local businesses' SMM management (Clinics, Gyms, Diving Centers, in Hurghada, Egypt)


    1. Someone with Paypal + Means to split the profit using another payment method (Skrill/ Alertpay/ Payneer/ etc.). (I'll bear any incurred transfer fees)

    2. Hardworking individual who's willing to split the work evenly.

    3. Someone who likes to THINK BIG. :)

    4. Someone with prior knowledge in SMM.

    Willing to work on either your project or JV with you on my own (provided you have something additional to offer me).

    Looking forward to you PMs guys. :)
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    Expert in most of the fields you've mentioned above.
    I have a team of 7 working for me. What projects are you looking at and what is the potential profit margin?