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Super Panda

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Oct 1, 2017
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I just wanted to write about the basics of social media. Things listed below are very basic and I recommend reading if you are a beginner or noob to social media. Also if you are a pro or expert, why not refresh your knowledge.

So let’s begin
Be Quick: Take Action
"Nothing will work unless you do." -Maya Angelou
If you haven’t made a social media account for your business then make one now. New accounts are being made every day; the competition is tougher and harder. You probably need to act and think quick to outrank others.

How much to spread?

So you are ready to take action? If yes, then you must be thinking how many social media accounts you should have and which social media to target? Then the answer to these questions can really depend from person to person but here are the two basic ways of doing.

You should understand that social media is like torchlight (Pardon my crazy imagination) and when you are ready to light it up then you can probably see things behind the dark walls. Now if you bring your torchlight very close to something then that particular area will appear brighter and if you use your torchlight from far away, the brightness wouldn’t be a lot. On the other hand, the area with higher brightness is smaller while the other is bigger. Now social media is just like this! –


Focused way – Target only a particular audience, this will probably result in more conversions but fewer amounts of people.

Spread way – Target a large variety of peoples, fewer conversions but more audience.

Now both conversions and amount of people are important but decide which one you want.

Target Audience
The flashlight explanation brings us to our next topic and that is how to target audience. Targeting audience is a broad topic that couldn’t be explained in a few lines but basically, it is those people who are interested in your topic or niche. I mean really interested and the best way to find them is to think like them.


Now this helps to ensure that your targeted audience has something to view and enjoy. This helps to retain the audience but takes lots of time and work. You can ask questions to your audience or host a giveaway.
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