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    summary...i have been offered a label deal the signing bonus is reflected on my numbers at the meeting at the end of the summer, they are willing to go as high as 3 million, i sing rhyme produce and play lead guitar in a band alot of labels are highly interested and my lawyer kicks ass...heres where i need help. i had great numbers with a single i released i currently only have 20k fans on myspace but my sales against those fan numbers were great 7k followers on twitter
    i have fbp, tweetadder and birdy adder i have myadtools account creator and message sender as well(tons of proxies) but i am on a very limited budget since i just payed to shoot my video. realistically im looking to have 5x those numbers by september can anyone steer me in the right direction ill return the favor anyway possible
    thanks in advance
    ***attention*** anyone willing to do some heavy makreting for me i will willing to pay a percentage of my sales for x amount of time (to be negotiated) ill put this is a model as well i did work for bbc/icecream and tokidoki recently, i have a 99% female fanbase and im going to make alot of money
    thanks again
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