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    I recently replied to a PM asking me about my offline journey and after sending a reply I felt it would be useful to post it here publicly. Keep in mind when i say social I am not talking about spamming twitter/facebook/google + etc... This is kind of an accidental finding but it reveals the power of social networking if you take the time and do it right!

    Briefly I want to let you know that I work FT at an agency and I also have clients on the side, in addition I make a few extra $'s through affiliate marketing but it makes up only about 10% of my monthly income, I started here on bhw right at a year ago and now I make enough doing SEO (both at agency and on my own) to cover all my bills and then some. It IS what I do for a living now, I am no longer a dabbler.

    Anyway the question was in regards to how I secure clients and the answer is networking and referrals. I have not had to pay a single finders fee nor have I had much success out of the mailing method. Truth be told the clients I have acquired says they are emailed, mailed and called on a weekly basis and they believe 90% of these contacts to be scams, and they are probably right.

    My successful method has been people I know or mutual friends know calling me to ask about what I do. There is a trust level there that is not available with any other method. When a friend refers you or someone on your FB list emails you there is already a sense of comfort with that person. After that it becomes a matter of deciding if you want that client, YES I have turned down work. Finally if you want the client you simply have to sell them on your skills.

    The way I developed my facebook page is through my personal page. It helps if you have a hobby and friends that are passionate about that hobby. As you frend people you look at a few of their friends and see if they have the same hobby. After you do this a few times you will see "mutual friends" and then it becomes easy. If your friend and your friends friend has a hobby it is a 75% certainty that the mutual friends has a similar hobby. That is pretty much it, I dont have a ton of friends, around 600 but I have met many of them since I do share a similar interest and we have been out and said hello etc...

    What I have found is that there are quite a few that own their own business or have a website or are looking to start a website, this is where I get my leads. I often just "like" a mention that they make about their page and say "great site if you need some help, let me know"...

    Other times I post a link to an SEO article or just hand type a tip regarding SEO, when I do this I often get PM's asking for help.

    It's not a hard sell, it's not constant "use me, use me" but I put it out there often enough for people to know what I do. Let me let you in on a little hint EVERYONE WANTS TO MAKE MORE as long as I position myself as the guy that makes that happen I dont think I will ever have a shortage of interested people or referrals.

    Step 1) Be good at IM/SEO
    Step 2) Have a REAL authentic FB page
    Step 3) add Friends from High School, College, Old employers etc..
    Step 3) add friends of your wife or GF, friends of Friends etc...
    Step 4) Have a common interest as many of them and start befriending people with that same interest
    Step 5) Start looking at suggested friends from FB and that share mutual friends that have the same hobby interest as you do
    Step 6) Spend time daily posting about your interest so those people follow you more often
    Step 7) Start adding posts regarding SEO tips and branding yourself as an expert!
    Step 8) Profit

    Good Luck!
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    Referrals seem to be the best way of getting new clients that I am seeing. I like what you said about adding friend to Facebook cause you never know if any of them will own a business one day and need someone to help them with their website.

    Kudos for the info
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    Is your facebook page your company/business name or your personal facebook?
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    Great post, most people think automatic money but you really have to brand yourself if you want people to start sending you monthly pay checks.