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    Mar 7, 2010
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    Hi guys...I have a awesome social dating platform website up and running. Not sure if I am allowed to share the link here, pm me and I can send you the link so you can browse the website and get a feel for it.

    Basically, the features that we offer, no other website has. Some of the features include:

    music sharing
    video chat
    video comments
    video messenger
    normal messenger
    media sharing
    iPhone app (you can view your msgs, chat with ppl, etc)
    Desktop app (messenger for the desktop to chat with ppl, view msgs, listen to songs uploaded my members, etc)
    status updates
    and Facebook compatible

    As far as I know, I haven't seen any dating site offer all of these features. The website is up and running with all of these features, the iPhone app is approved and available in the iPhone App Store.

    Now, its really a matter of scaling it up and getting some members coming in. I am looking for someone that has previous experience with this. I am willing to do a 50/50 profit sharing. Most of the work is done and the website sells for itself.

    Please PM me with your qualifications/experience and we can chat further. If you use AIM, please include your ID.