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    Hey guys
    I'm planning on buying social bookmarking but I have a couple of noob questions before buying.
    I want to buy social bookmarking to promote a video since someone I know bought YouTube views , likes and comments before and it's just embarrassing since he bought 500 000 views and additional comments delivered in a week and to see that only a couple of hundred people watched it after. The viewer count didn't even reach 510 000 and he posted this one year ago. It's a pretty good video but it's just too risky for me to do the YouTube thing. I thought buying social bookmarking could be more effective but I don't know. I want to post the video and spread it on Facebook so it already is out there and than buy a huge amount of social bookmarking. I don't know how much social bookmarking I should buy to get like a million hits on my video in less than 10 days ? Should I also buy like 10 000 YouTube views to get the thing started ? What's the most effective way to get your YouTube video really popular. It's a really great video and song , there is already record labels interested in signing it but the deals are not good. Also if you buy YouTube views and you have a YouTube partner video , do you get money from those views you bought or does youtube know they are generated?
    anyone that can help me with social bookmarking and give me HONEST and GOOD advice and / or services will get paid. I got a budget. If you think you can make it happen , PM me. For general advice please post in this topic. thanks