Social Bookmark Submitter That Actually Works?


Sep 30, 2009
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Hey guys...

I've done a search here at BHW and most of the Bookmark Submitters seem to be done for. Last thread i checked was and mostly negative comments. Can anyone suggest a submitter that actually works? Thanks
Could you possibly give the link to the page where you downloaded it? I know i could use the search function but i would like to download the version that you are using. Thanks
i also didnt find any working social submitter software

Socialbot is brill. Bookmarkwiz is brill. Bookmarking Demon is Good.


Onlywire is good

ive got socialbot sitting on me desktop and bookmarkwiz, the key is to search BHW.
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Nopes... Ive tried 99% of the software now and none of them work. For example if you run social submitter, it submits your bookmark except for the fact that it doesnt appear under your account. All bullshit IMHO. I know how to use the search function ffs...mentioned that in the start.
I own Bookmarking Demon and a few others. You're right - they all suck. I've noticed two things:

1. The original sites change in subtle ways, thus breaking the posting sequence that's programmed in. Someone has to be on top of this weekly or else the app will stop working.
2. A captcha of some sort is most likely in there, so you'll hafta sit there and baby it through it's sequence anyway.

My solution: iMacros. Take the time to record the whole process. Do the ol' {{!COL5}} inserts for your data with Excel. Make it stop when the captcha arrives. I've got a list of the top 30 bookmarking sites that takes me 5 minutes to get through. I'm planning on doing many more.

Ya know...if a group of us each created iMacro postings and SHARED the data amoungst us, we would have a killer list. *wistfull sigh*

Note: {{!COL5}} = a method to integrate Excel data with iMacros so you don't have to enter it yourself. A couple of threads around here that explain the sequence.
Hey Biks

Great your using imacros like that. It seems that semi-auto is the way to go as you get a lot longer before the setup breaks down then its easy to fix.

I just wish I knew how to use imacros like you guys but unfortunately I dont and when I try and get into it I just end up pulling my hair out, the macro you have would be a MUST have as far as I am concerned.

Well... Biks is the only one that has been making sense around here. Thanks

Socialbot is brill. Bookmarkwiz is brill. Bookmarking Demon is Good.


Onlywire is good

ive got socialbot sitting on me desktop and bookmarkwiz, the key is to search BHW.

I think their all have some good and some bad points probably the best is bookmarkwiz
I have an Imacros script I am working that currently works at over 200 bookmarking sites. Willing to trade for other Imacros goodies.

BTW I like Pligg-o-matic bookmarker and have gotten first page results with it alone. Contrary to the bad reviews it seems to get on this forum.
My experience with socialbot is negative. I have lived one month with a dream that i bookmark at least to 50+ bookmarking sites. I have checked for example digg or reddit and they have working fine. But other i never checked. After update with new version i lost my username/password DB. Even i have exported DB. So i started manually adding username and password to my updated socialbot and i also then check my bookmarks.

I was shocked. More that 70% never works. And from this 30% that have work more that half is nofollow.

Right now i do bookmarking manually with maybe 30 ******** sites. But this take time. Until i found somethink that works.
Have used only my own for latley works fine for me :) see yourself
I have been doing it manually the past few weeks and found that works good but I have also been looking for something to automate this process. Thanks for all the good leads everyone.
what is the benefit to social bookmarking? i am new to this concept.

What exactly does it do?
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