Socail Bookmarks Link Wheel with RSS Submission + Pinging + Profile Backlinks? Question?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by miley2, Aug 24, 2010.

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    Hello Friends,
    I was thinking about a Link Wheel.. of Social Bookmarks with RSS Submission + Pinging + RSS + Profile Backlinks..

    Lets Take a Look On My Link Wheel.

    Layer 01 :
    1st : Main Website then I will Bookmark it to 50 Social Bookmarks websites and then every Social Bookmark Link.. I will Submit it to RSS (30 Sites ) and Ping Social Bookmark and RSS Links.

    Layer 02 :
    After This I have Now 50 Social Bookmarks Link ( Mean 50 Links ) So i will rebookmark Each Link to 50 Social Bookmarks + RSS + Pinging ..

    So now in Layer 02 i have 50 Social Bookmarks Links.. So for Every Social Bookmark Link.. I will Get 100 Profile Backlinks ..

    I will use **************** sites.. to link each other...

    So what do you think about this Link Wheel?

    It will be powerfull ?

    Please give me Suggestions.. :confused:
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    Its look like a complete copy of Senuke :p
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    hey i dont understand ur second layer can you explain once here?
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    That's not really a link ring. The only real node is your own website. The rest of the activities you mention here are things you should do to your link ring once you have made it. You need more content filled URL's (WEB2.0 properties, or your own bought aged domains etc)

    Ah, like a farmer feeding water blasted cow flesh back to his live cows as fodder. This will not have much effect, you are doubling up the same activity.

    Most will fail, those that don't will have little effect. You don't really want to bookmark bookmarks (people thought of that a long time ago, tried it, it sometimes worked at first, but the Reddits and Diggs of this world now prevent expotential expansion like this - or incestious bookmarking.
    I doubt it

    If those asterisks were meant to be WEB2.0 sites, then yeah. This is what you should do FIRST not LAST.


    As it stands I doubt it. YOu need an inner ring of actual content based sites as I mentioned above. Do NOT link them ALL up (link randomly between them - never "complete" a circuit with links.

    A 6-8 spoke wheel is something you can set up in a morning if you put your mind to it. An initial "clean" (i.e no links) post in each, then a post every few days. About your third post, add links to your main URL. Bookmark and use hi powered linking services to this post or the main WEB2.0 url (i.e [email protected] tumblr dot com) or whatever

    Create RSS feeds from them all, bookmark them all, and get high powered links to them all .

    Get the BEST (highest PR links) direct to your URL the hard way (pay for a good linking service, or write and submit articles/comments manually)

    It takes work.

    Bookmarking bookmarks will get you no-where.