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So i started a JV

Discussion in 'Web Hosting' started by necro, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. necro

    necro Regular Member

    Dec 23, 2010
    Likes Received:
    Hello there,

    i started a JV 2 months ago.

    I work now on the evenings as an server engineer for a local webhosting company.

    Now to the story:

    i once saw on a local bulletin board a jv for webhosting and applied for it.

    The conditions were at the start we dont get any cash, but when we get more clients we also start getting paid. (Free Hosting tough)

    Well i thought it was great, but the guy doesnt know anything about SEO or Commercials and the taking care of the server does really take up time.

    Now to my question:

    - How do reach out the mass for this Service?
    -- Adsense is running but since i go for low cost traffic it's pretty hard.
    -- Also we posted on some bulletin boards.


    Last edited: Dec 5, 2011