SO..... I hate stairs....

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    But not just any stairs... The stairs to our apartment.....

    Second time I have fallen down the stairs in um.... 4 months... WTF??????????

    Maybe, just maybe, when our downstairs neighbors move out, we will get that apartment, but ugh, I nearly broke my arm today... And of course, on my leg, where i hit the other stair, there is a HUGE welp, and a pretty good size bruise too... My arm is just swollen, a lot... Only on the bottom though, I would have thought it would have swelled all the way around... I don't know what the bruise will look like for a day or so there, because the swelling is messing it up some...

    I also found out as they were doing the xrays, on the wrong part of my arm, I have had a broken bone before and just not known it... Within the last few years... How do you not know you have broken a bone? I have broken my face before... Yes, i have chipped my cheekbone before, from another fall...

    I may just have to buy those old people non slip shoes, huh? The UGLY ugly shoes.... Not flip flops, not sexy shoes (I was just about to get some adorable shoes too), not my boots either...

    Im just complaining, I know, but eh, I feel like posting the bruises (of my arm only) whenever it starts fully filling out with color...

    Anyways... Later dudes!

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    that sux make dizz carry you up them lol i have a tendency to fall up stairs :/