So I guess I screwed up... now what?

Discussion in 'CPA' started by eNcrypTioN, Oct 15, 2010.

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    I'm trying to figure out what I did wrong here and bear with me here I'm a noob so my thinking might have been wrong.

    I signed up for Peerfly and was approved.

    I made a post on a forum offering free gift cards to an online store if they completed an e-mail submit for me (I have thousands of these giftcards). They would click my link (an undeveloped domain) and then the domain would forward the traffic to the offer. Was the referral not hidden or something or were they able to some how track back the submit to my forum post? I'm not understanding why they terminated my account.

    Any help would be appreciated as I don't want to get banned from any of the other networks I'm a member of

    Also I need suggestions on a new CPA company (since peerfly banned me) that offers a ton of 1 field/page e-mail submits.

    I was making over $10 a day which is what my current goal was an now i'm back down to $0 a day :(
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    Well, pretty obvious, if you don't want to get banned on networks which don't allow incentives, don't use incentives. If you try to outsmart them, you're always taking the chance of getting busted. They probably know their business better than you, and are well aware of stuff like meta refresh or changing referers.

    Other CPA's? There's plenty of use reviews up here, just pick one. Copeac might be an adequate choice.
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    Peerfly doesn't allow incentivizing their offers (incentive=you give something to people for filling out surveys).

    Try adscendmedia, they have bunch of incentive offers.
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    My guess is they caught on either through a poor hiding of the referer or saw that you had no real site (as it was undeveloped) and yet were getting a large number of hits with a great conversion rate. It just doesn't add up.

    Imagine you were the marketing agent and you saw that someone was getting 97% conversions on traffic coming from a blank site? Do those seem legit to you? And yes you would care if you are legit because if they aren't then your client as an affiliate agency (or you being the client as a retailer) are not seeing organic traffic and sales rise but rather artificial sales which require a CPA value.

    People run CPA campaigns so that eventually there name is out there enough to not need CPA campaigns to make the sale and therefore maximizing their profit margin. So if they see fake traffic, incentive traffic or traffic that comes from a botched source then they will shut it down.

    The other thing to remember is that companies really do care about their corporate image so a blank/undeveloped/shitty/poorly worded site or incentive offers hurt the public perception of them, making people think they are unprofessional or are willing to work with unprofessional individuals.

    The best thing you can do is start a legitimate site, perhaps sign up for a bunch of their competitors and make a detailed review site of the services? Start to advertise it and grow it, or make a site related to their product. Let's say you were advertising for a video game rental service well make a video game review site that has their ads, or says "rent this game here" or even has a monthly game picks newsletter that says "Rent from our sponsor here"

    Ultimately you need to take the time to invest in your site, make it good quality, make it something you would want to buy from/come to for advice and establish it as an authority. Because if you think about it you don't want to be making $10 a day off of new people because you had something to offer them. You want to be making $100 a day off of return businesses because you had a quality site with a new affiliate.

    There is power in reputation and content. Do it up right and you will get there in the long run.


    P.s. Oh by the way don't use Peerfly I have had terrible problems with them and they aren't worth it. Everyone one of their affiliates is someone who will accept you directly (for a higher commission) if you take the time to fill out the form. So don't pay Peerfly a chunk for something you could do. The reason people use CPA Networks like CJ and Google Affiliate Network is because some of the real big advertisers don't accept small time CPA users directly. Peerfly only seems to offer ones that do and their customer service is crap.
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    I'm sure he already knew this since he was trying to hide where his traffic was coming from. ;)


    What problems have you had with PeerFly? I'd like to fix them, contact me.
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    Dude, of course they would find out if you had a high CR.

    Next time remember to buy junk traffic;)

    You may rep me.