So I Got an Interesting Offer...

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    Yeah, I wake up and see someone wanted to add me on skype, never told me where he got me from... but I know this much, he must have REALLY wanted me to do help with his JV.

    He was kinda dodgy and sketch when I asked what I felt was rather legitimate questions especially when negotiating the pay scale, but he flaked when I declared he was sketch, transcript is as follows:

    [11:20:15] Anthony harris: hi
    [11:20:29] Jacob Mathison: heya
    [11:20:55] Anthony harris: we dont know each other yet , Im an affiliate manager with Medspartners
    [11:21:11] Anthony harris: I wanteed to run an interesting offer by you
    [11:21:48] Jacob Mathison: ok?
    [11:22:03] Anthony harris: have you promoted pharmacy before?
    [11:22:28] Jacob Mathison: Never.
    [11:22:45] Anthony harris: are you familiar with the industry?
    [11:22:54] Jacob Mathison: Not really, i get lots of spam from them though.
    [11:23:22] Anthony harris: we'll thats not from any of our affiliates
    [11:23:41] Anthony harris: you can look at one of our branded sites
    [11:24:12] Jacob Mathison: cannot be resolved
    [11:24:24] Anthony harris: ?
    [11:24:29] *** Jacob Mathison sent IMG_15032011_112429.png ***
    [11:24:39] Jacob Mathison: Screenshot of it
    [11:24:44] Anthony harris: ok
    [11:25:01] Anthony harris: my bad
    [11:25:13] Anthony harris:
    [11:26:12] Anthony harris: are you doing seo?
    [11:26:55] Jacob Mathison: I do do SEO, but I usually have a good clientel base and direct sales
    [11:27:06] Jacob Mathison: so some of my websites and products
    [11:27:15] Jacob Mathison: don't really need it
    [11:27:28] Anthony harris: which products do you promote usually?
    [11:27:50] Jacob Mathison: Software
    [11:28:00] Jacob Mathison: I am a programmer by trade, develop my own software, and sell it
    [11:28:36] Anthony harris: well i can tell you that this should be very easy for you and this market is very lucrative
    [11:28:53] Anthony harris: so there is a lot of money to be made here
    [11:30:28] Anthony harris: we have a site generator that allows you to host the shop , do some html and javascript work on it and push it up for traffic
    [11:31:55] Jacob Mathison: What is the commission?
    [11:32:33] Anthony harris: 20%-50% revenue share , depends on your ability to generate traffic
    [11:32:39] Jacob Mathison: Ok, not interested.
    [11:33:03] Anthony harris: what if i offer you 40% for the first month?
    [11:33:19] Jacob Mathison: 40% First Month ain't good enough for the rest.
    [11:33:34] Anthony harris: what do you suggest?
    [11:34:43] Anthony harris: trust me, we'll be very happy to pay you high commissions
    [11:34:57] Anthony harris: but we need to see traffic
    [11:35:10] Jacob Mathison: High is relative mate.
    [11:35:53] Anthony harris: so what do you have in mind?
    [11:36:06] Jacob Mathison: Whats the best that you can offer?
    [11:36:33] Anthony harris: common Im trying here, give me a number that you think is fair
    [11:37:08] Anthony harris: i remind you that its reshare
    [11:37:15] Anthony harris: not of profits
    [11:37:24] Anthony harris: revshare
    [11:37:43] Jacob Mathison: Ah, was going to ask.
    [11:38:04] Jacob Mathison: But being the provider of the good, makes me wonder what your standard markup is.
    [11:39:00] Anthony harris: listen i think you are good but i dont know you are good , I can go up to 50%
    [11:39:54] Jacob Mathison: A standard markup greater than 100% at least? And you like to dodge questions man... I'm sorry but thats kinda sketch.
    [11:40:50] Anthony harris: Im not dodging anything, I think that maybe this industry is not for you , sorry i bothered you
    [11:41:13] Jacob Mathison: Alright, you can walk man, Peace.
    Pretty good offer I got, but seriously, answer the bloody questions if you want someone to work with ya!

    His website was grabbed from his desc on skype which is as follows:

    But hey, I'm just ranting.
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    Well, carry out your due diligence for any deal you want to get into. Do not be in haste to involve yourself in things and later regret it.
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    Hey everyone,
    after seeing this post i thought i had to stop and say something.
    first , unlike what my friend here said , I am more than happy to answer any relevant[/ U] question that comes up in a conversation about our program.
    second, when I give a personal offer , the details of the offer changes according to my understanding of how professional the affiliate is. our program is only interested in marketers who are in this for the money , willing to work hard for it and has the right knowledge to make it happen.
    Anyway, Jacob I apologize for the misunderstanding and for wasting your time. :)
    As always , I'm available for any inquiries any of you guys have.
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    Did I miss something here?
    You asked questions, he answered them.
    When you ask for his markup his gives it, you don't agree and he asks you for a counter offer and you don't provide one.
    Then the convo ends.

    I may have missed something but I don't get your point really.
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    Personally I wouldn't promote something like this. If the provider falls through you are left with a fully seo'd site that you've worked on and no money.
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    why did he contact you anyways?