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so down

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by blackhatbbq, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. blackhatbbq

    blackhatbbq Junior Member

    Jan 7, 2011
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    hello fellow BHatters, i just want to share my feelings to the forum. This forum has been my best friend since I found it early this year. I woke up not so good this morning because i received bad news. A year go my family experienced financial problem so i was forced to stop from school. I was 3rd year in college then. My parents died when i was fourteen and i was left alone to take care of my four little siblings. I know that finishing college was the only way for me to reach my dreams and support my bro's and sisses.

    Last month an uncle of mine promised to send me back to school this June at his expense. He just came home from another country and I was excited to talk to him about me going back to school. Things changed when suddenly another auntie of mine told him that her "son" should go to college first before me. So I was bypassed again. Freakin sad my world turned to ashes. :(

    Even more sad because my uncle already asked me to resign from my part time job because we thought everything would go smoothly as planned

    My point to my auntie : send your own son to school.Why ask for help if youre still alive.

    My point to my uncle : i need more help because i dont have parents anymore. :( got no one else to run to. i have four more lives to save :(

    My plans:
    Go back to my part time job and even look for more.
    I will save more money from salary and plan an IM business very carefully.

    If not because of my love for my brothers and sisters I will not be fighting to survive. I just don't want them to experience poverty and hardship.

    Sorry if I blurted out my feelings here.. got no other place whom I know good people are around but just this forum i really trust.

    Thanks everyone.. I really feel so so down.. :(