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    Sep 29, 2010
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    Been using Market Samurai for about a week now, seems to be a really powerful tool. I just had a question regarding where it pulls its info from.

    So lastnight I checked it and it said that my target keyword phrase wasn't in the meta description tag, it's been there since the site was made. I checked and it was still there. Also checked TT and my description tag shows up, with the keyword phrase in it. No big dea, I know what's on the page.

    So, this morning I checked and it's still missing the description tag in MS. Anyway, I decide to check a secondary keyword phrase and it's saying that there are 0 pages indexed in google. Check google and most of my pages are indexed. So I guess my question is if this is just part of the google dance and whatever server MS pulls its info from hasn't quite been updated yet or if im missing something.

    *Note - The site and domain are only 1 week old.

    **Edit: Also, if anyone has had this sort of experience, what seemed to be the outcome after google got your site straightened away?

    Thanks in advance for your input.