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    So, basically... would this work?

    1) I choose where I want to set up. Hubpages, Squidoo, E-zinearticles, or Goarticles (I've seen people rank with E-zine articles and Goarticles for keywords like "buy resveratrol")

    2) I link web 2.0 properties to the article OR to hubpages (google likes hubpages) and squidoo (yahoo likes squidoo).

    3) I social bookmark/comment spam to web 2.0 properties which point to the hubpages, squidoo, or ezine articles website

    A few questions

    - How many links would you send to the web 2.0 properties per day?
    - What program has been most effective for getting you backlinks?
    - Where would your money page be?
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    howie schwartz is pretty good with this kind of thing i think. you can get some free or almost free info from his list if you don't mind getting emails every day.

    - go for gaps. ex don't try to rank for ezine if an article is listed already.
    - tubemogul for free multiple video upload. traffic geyser free trial is better...
    linkvana is a paid high pg rank blog farm keith baxter recommends

    howie uses 'bookmarking clouds' though, and apparently has 100,000 accounts, so you won't be competing for 'buy reservatrol'. easier to look for adsense sites at the top if you want phrases like that, and buy clicks.

    for some keywords you can rank web 2.0 sites without doing any link building.
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    Look up linkwheel and link juicer
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