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    I have a hookup on oil burners, ones intended for "incense" use only, but we all know what people use them for.

    If you own a smoke shop and sell these, I can get you pretty cheap prices. somewhere between 75cents to $1.00 for oil burners that are sold for $5.00. Colored ones and designs are more.

    These CAN get you in trouble if you just outright sell them as paraphanelia, so I'll let you guys know to be cautious about talking about the use of them in this thread. Don't ask me how people use them. But it's a good way of making money. I've been selling them in my smoke shop for over 2 years now with NO problems at all.

    These are what they look like, but the ones I have are clear and colored.


    I will be starting a wholesale website soon and hopefully BHW members will be my first clients, I'll have everything from wholesale knives (around $5.00), to genuine NFL/NBA/Baseball sports neckchains. ($5.00 too). But you guys will have to be patient with me as I don't have much to invest at this time to have products just sitting there, so I think I will just post up what items I COULD get and when an order is made I will buy it from my local importer, then mail it to you guys for now. Then after I will have enough money to invest. Let me know if you guys think it's a good idea and I'll be on it. I work at a smoke shop so I know all of my boss's suppliers for everything :D.