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    What is the difference between SMO and SEO . And what is the benefit it for website.
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    SMO and SEO both have their own significance and have their different roles in SEO. Social media is basically for retrieving traffic to our site and SEO is for search engine ranking.Major differences between both terms is the networking aspect like social media is heavily-reliant on networking and strong profiles, while SEO can be done without this.
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    Difference between SEO and SMO

    I bet you have already heard about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Even though the second one is a new term, am sure you already know it. SMO stands for Social media marketing.

    These two are today's key Internet Marketing strategies. There are different approaches you might want to opt for each of these. The SEO and SMO strategies are very different from each other, even though the end result is the same - Traffic!

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    Comparatively the more costly form of optimization, especially in the initial stages of setting up the SEO frame work for your project, it is an expensive affair

    The traffic you receive from your SEO efforts is huge and consistent. You continue to receive the traffic based on your SERP (search engine rank positions). If you have higher ranks, you have huge traffic.

    SEO is an ongoing activity that needs to be continuously performed to make sure you are on the top. In short SEO is a permanent fix to your search engine traffic.

    SMO (Social Media Optimization)

    You could identify SMO as a quick fix when compared to SEO. SMO is all about huge traffic spikes in short time, it does not require and wait time for the search engine bots to index your page. It directly fires your messages to the potential visitors.
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