Small tip to get proper word list for scraping GSA target list

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    When scraping with normal english dictionary you will waste time getting same results all the time. The point here is to gather other ppl target sites, in easy way, for that you will need Gscraper or any other tool that can do the work.

    1. Gather list of auto aprove blogs, the more spammed the better.
    2. Remove dup urls and ALIVE check them.
    3. Import them in Gscraper, and [​IMG]. We will get anchor texts from other ppl links.
    4. Import in scrapebox and remove duplicates.
    5. You can play with to do some crazy stuff.

    Here you are your unique method to get good words, few hours of scraping with proper footprints 10k unique domains in GSA.

    P.S You can also extract links (ppl make tiers, blog comments are down usually) and filter them later by footprint to get other ppl target site.
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