Small sales team needed for custom Pinterest graphics service

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    Hey guys,

    I'm a graphic designer. I create customized artwork for Pinterest that features a client's logo, tagline and a few subtle calls to action. Please see examples below.

    I'm looking for a few sales people to get me some more clients. If I get enough in this trial run, I'll set up a site and a proper affiliate program.

    Benefits of the product to businesses:

    1. Increased exposure through very re-pinnable graphics.

    2. Increased CTR compared to other, more spammy graphics.

    3. Associating their brand with quality. Businesses are often judged by the quality of their advertisements.


    $150 for 2 posters


    $250 for 4 posters



    I've tried to upload some designs to this thread, but I'm getting an error message on a few of them. For now, you can see some samples at this link:

    If interested, simply PM me. I have a Pinerly account, so we will be able to create case-studies to show to future prospects, showing increased CLR and repin rate, etc.

    EDIT: Got 2 of them to upload.

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