small app for smartphones - Need coder

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    I need to get a simple app coded for android and ios. The app should be googly play and appstore proof for easy publishing.

    The app should only function as a gui for an existing website. If you click on one of the categories, the belonging part of the website should be loaded. Same counts for articles. If its possible i just want an app that acts like the browser and loads a website

    The App shoud just look like this:

    Can you tell me how much the coding would cost or if its possible to create an app like this on my own (without coding experience) ? With tools or appmakr maybe... ?!
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    just use appsgeyser(dot)com. If you just want a simple conversion. They advertise the crap to you though, not on your app, but they send you marketing emails almost daily after you register. I guess if you dont mind reading their spam and want to use the free tool, it's cool for quick conversions.. Also they only work for Android. Sorry can't help on the coding part.